The view into a clean future.

By 2023, the world will have installed 1 trillion clean energy resources.

By 2050, 80% of the European energy market will be dependent on renewable energies. Oil stocks are dwindling, prices for fossil fuels are rising and diesel is banned. Electric vehicles are becoming the cornerstone of sustainable everyday life. However, enormous government regulations and challenges in the development of battery-powered vehicles still stand in the way.

The E-Stream Energy Team makes it possible to harness this potential for everyone.

Our Technology - For Your Future

Most lithium-ion battery storage solutions in use today face a major problem: they do not provide the required amount of energy due to overheating. This can have serious consequences, especially in the automotive sector. In order to keep pace with the increased demands on battery storage systems that are necessary for use in the mass market, manufacturers must develop stable, fail-safe and highly resilient battery systems that also perform quickly and flexibly in the application.

High Load

Up to 30% more powerful than conventional systems

High Speed

No more waiting – you charge from 20% up to 80% within 15 minutes.

Temperature Management

Intelligent thermal management ensures maximum reliability.

Flexible energy storage – Made in Germany!

The trend towards renewable energies and the associated energy storage requirements has developed into a multi-billion market in which the E-Stream Energy team plays a leading role and participates.

As a result of our drive for innovation and our feeling for future trends, we have been developing the high-performance and scalable battery storage solution with versatile industrial and home applications since 2016. Our lithium-ion technology has already been tested by several accredited, independent institutes and its above-average performance has been confirmed.