Energy for the mobility you want!

We are in the midst of a global transition to efficient mobility, in which energy storage systems play a central and leading role. Energy storage devices are needed that can be installed in the smallest possible space with the least possible weight – and at the same time remain extremely powerful and robust.

A challenge that we have demonstrably succeeded in meeting with the E-Stream Energy technology.

E-Stream uses lithium-ion round cells, which can be built into a module in a freely scalable manner to adapt to a wide range of applications – a particularly important capability for the automotive sector.

High energy

Per litre & per kilogram

Our packaging principle offers an increased energy density for electricity storage, measured in kilowatt hours per kilogram (kWh/kg) or kilowatt hours per litre (kWh/l).

High load

Permanently possible

Common prismatic cells exhibit significant temperature gradients during operation. Even under high loads, the E-Stream round cell systems are fail-safe and efficient.


Due to intelligent packaging

You need energy at home – or in your company? Due to their variable modularity, our round cell systems can be individually scaled for all areas.


Due to sustainable recycling

Our battery storage systems are sustainably recycled – so they not only score points in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of economic efficiency and environmental protection.


Thermal management for maximum safety

The round cell already has comprehensive safety mechanisms, which we supplement with innovative temperature management. So you stay protected even under high loads – and above all you don’t stand still on the way.


For short loading times

With E-Stream Energy batteries in your car, you only need 15 minutes at a station to charge your Memory from 20% up to 80% – so a short break in charging is really short.


For universal applicability

In most cases, the industry dispenses with round cell systems due to a lack of functional packaging concepts. We have succeeded in successfully and flexibly implementing such a concept.


Independently tested

Efficiency and performance have been confirmed and certified by accredited and independent institutes

The next generation of e-mobility

Automotive manufacturers are following the previous standard of prismatic cells, which are considered safe because they are built into a thick metal housing. The disadvantage is obvious: these prismatic cells are large, heavy and expensive.

So far, there is only one automobile manufacturer that relies on small-format lithium-ion round cells with high energy density.

The disadvantage of the round cell technology used so far is that the small-format round cells can quickly suffer short circuits due to their reactive cell chemistry if they are not properly connected due to manufacturing faults. This leads to faster overheating. This is a considerable risk for electric cars.

In order to guarantee the necessary safety with the outstanding efficiency of the round cells, E-Stream has demonstrably solved this problem with a revolutionary circuit technology!

The right energy solution for every area

To enable both businesses and homes to take advantage of the renewable energy trend, we have developed the E-Stream Energy battery system to deliver energy with the highest energy density anywhere. We will briefly introduce you to the various possible applications.


Put some power on the road.

The high reliability of our E-Stream Energy battery storage systems and the flexible fit make the energy pacts particularly interesting for the private and industrial automotive sector. Even with partial failures you will not be left out in the rain due to the innovative thermal management.

Home & Industry

At home & in the company!

Get the future of efficient energy use at home or in your business. Through intelligent and flexible packaging options, companies as well as private households benefit from the use of the E-Stream battery storage, because even in the home storage application you can use the battery energy efficiently through the flexible modules.

Mobile & Stationary

Energy – always where you are

In addition to the high load capacity and reliability, flexibility is a clear unique selling point of our battery storage systems. We want to offer you the energy of the future in every area – whether in your mobile home on holiday or at work.

Become part of the future

The “green” market bonds have grown globally to 500 billion dollars. A $1 trillion campaign was launched to support the green market of the US private sector by 2030.

Germany is preparing intensively for the issue of the first green government bond in 2020. More than 1 million electric cars are driven on European roads alone, so storing grid energy is a priority.